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U 995 on the beach of the seaside resort of Laboe
U 995 on the beach of Laboe


Getting queasy at the thought of a diving submarine? On the Baltic coast you have the chance to visit and climb into several submarines without going into the depth of the sea.

In Sassnitz, on the island of Ruegen, you can find "Her Majesty's Submarine OTUS". It measures 90.7 metres in length and was put into service in 1963. The H.M.S. OTUS is an OBERON class and was designed as an attack submarine. They were built between 1959 and 1967. These were the first low noise level boats and are therefore also known as "silent hunter".

In Peenemuende, on the island of Usedom, visitors can walk around the diesel-fuelled submarine Juliett U-461.. It is an impressive 86 metres long, was built in the early sixties and taken into service in 1965.
The U-11, built 1966-1968, awaits you in the port of Burgstaaken, on the island of Fehmarn. The adjoining submarine exhibition provides a wealth of interesting information about the German submarine fleet of the post war period.

The 67 metres long U-995 lies on the beach of the seaside resort of Laboe and is now open as a museum. Millions of Germans watched the film "Das Boot" directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Herbert Groenemeyer as an actor. The featured submarine and the U 995 are both VII C class.

Gorch Fock(I) in the harbour of Stralsund
Gorch Fock(I) in the harbour of Stralsund

Gorch Fock(I)

The Gorch Fock(I) was built in 1933 and today can be visited in the harbour of Stralsund. Why not take a look at the officers' mess, berths, captain's salon or the chart room? Discover the history of this ship in the museum on board and take in the unique extraordinary atmosphere of this traditional sailing ship.

The "Gorch Fock II" was built 25 years later and crosses the oceans as the German navy training sailing ship.

Four-masted bark "Passat" in the seaside resort of Travemuende
Four-masted bark "Passat"

Four-masted bark "Passat"

The "Passat", built in 1911 in Hamburg, is one of the most beautiful sailing ships in Germany. In its history it circumnavigated the globe twice, in 1938 and 1948, and passed Cape Horn 39 times.

Now, having struck its sails, the four-masted bark found a new home in the harbour of the seaside resort of Travemuende. It is open for visits, celebrations and functions. Or what about a wedding in the Captain's salon?

Poeler Kogge in Warnemünde - a replica of a 650-year old cog, Wismar
Poeler Kogge in Warnemünde

Poeler Kogge

The Hanseatic town of Wismar harbours a replica of a 650-year old cog. The wreck of this hanseatic kind of vessel from the 13th and 14th centuries was discovered only in 1999 just off the shore of the island of Poel.

Therefor it is chiefly known as "Poeler Kogge". Amazingly, only about 1/3 of the hull was destroyed, which marks it one of the most significant discoveries in the history of ship archaeology. The pretty much unknown Baltic cog measured 31.50 metres in length. Being constructed in 1354, it had an astonishing holding capacity of 200 tons.
The vessel is both a museum and a working replica of a cog. Various activities are offered on board the ship, which is open to everyone interested. The cog can be hired for day trips for a maximum of 48 people or longer sailing tours for up to 28 people.

Steamboat "Alexandra"

This technical monument is the last sea-going passenger steamship in Germany.
It was built in 1908 at the ship yard Janssen & Schmilinsky in Hamburg and christened by Princess Alexandra of Gluecksburg.

As a convoying ship for the racing boats, the "Alexandra" took part in the 1936 and 1972 sailing Olympics on Kieler Foerde.
Between May and September "Alexandra" is steaming along on Flensburger Foerde inviting you to spend unforgettable mini cruises.

Cruise ship gets of Warnemuende
Cruise ships on the quay of Warnemuende

Cruise ships

From May to October is peak season for cruise ships from all over the world to call at the seaside resorts of Warnemuende and Travemuende and the ports of Kiel (the capital of Schleswig-Holstein).

Some days will see three or four of these liners moor at the quaysides. Whether you are on board or watching from the quay, the landing and leaving of pier manoeuvres are always a highlight. Occasions like these are very often used for special welcome or departure parties in the harbours or resorts.
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