Exercising or just watching sporting events? The Baltic Sea and areas inland offer a wide range of activities. Pick the activies you like from the offers on and off shore like sailing events, beachvolleyball and handball, surfing cups and kite surfing events just to mention a few.

a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea on a traditional sailing ship called a "Windjammer"windsurfing on the Baltic Sea


Enjoy a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea. Either go for a race with a catamaran, book a place on a yacht, a traditional sailing ship called a "Windjammer" or hire a sailing boat. Whatever you do an amazing event will await you. Surf and sailing schools offer courses and provide the necessary equipment.

Surf and sailing schools offer coursesa sailing trip on the Baltic Sea on a traditional sailing ship called a "Windjammer"

Wind- and kite surfing

The Baltic Sea, Bodden and Haffs are perfect for wind- and kite surfing. When surfing on open areas along the coast especially with onshore wind waves roll in quick and fast and can build up to a height of two to three metres. When they break on the many sand banks they are perfect for jumps. Beginners will find abundant shallow waters which are ideal for learning surfing of practising first skills.
Many surf schools are dotted around the coastline. They offer a wide range of courses and equipment like beginners, refreshers, advanced, one to one and special fun courses taught by surfing experts.

different kinds of surfing on the Baltic Sea


For anglers the Baltic Sea, Bodden and Haffs are heavenly. You can fish from the beach, boats and piers. Bodden and Haffs are full of both fresh- and sea water fishes. You will find eel, pike, herring, horn fish, plaice, pike-perch, bream, roach and perch. Every year in spring and autumn herring trails along the Baltic coast in huge schools. Experienced fishermen offer day-, night- and several day trips of deep sea fishing on the Baltic Sea to fish for cod, trout or garpike.
To fish on the Baltic and its banks fishing permits are required. These vary according to the Federal states you are fishing in, fish you want to catch and waters you want to fish in. Therefore please contact the local tourist information or fishing tour organisers. They will have all information necessary on what licence you will need and where to get it.
You will have to carry your fishing documents with you at all times even when you start on an organised fishing trip on a boat.

fishing on the Baltic Sea

Wreck diving

The Baltic Sea surprises with a huge variety of flora and fauna. Dive into the depths of the sea and experience the fascination of an amazing underwater world. Depending on where you are diving in the many different areas of the Baltic Sea, you will discover mussel banks, seaweed meadows and fields of starfish as well as jellyfish, crabs, flatfish, eel and cod. Rock fields are dominat between Boltenhagen and Rostock whereas riffs and canyons await you round Cape Arkona. Shipwrecks on the bottom of the Baltic Sea are covered over and over with plumose anemones and clams.
Looking for adventure? Then wreck diving in the Baltic Sea is perfect for you. The list of sunken objects on the bottom of the sea seems endless. Enthusiastics will have the possibility to explore for example the freight ship "Norderney" and the RoRo ferry "Jan Heweliusz" off the coast of the island of Ruegen, the minesweeper "M14" sunken in 1945 off the coast of the island of Usedom, the suction dredger "Sandtrans" off the coast of Zingst on the peninsular of Fischland-Darss, a British aeroplane off the coast of Warnemuende, the cargo sailing ship "Tjalk" in the Bay of Kiel, the cruiser "Nordland" in the Bay of Eckernfoerde and the cargo sailing ship "Sophie af Koge" in the Firth of Flensburg.

diving in the Baltic Sea


Fancy a fame of golf? The look out for the various interesting offers along the Baltic. Flat countryside and moderate hills are typical for this area and perfect for playing golf. Many greens boast not only fresh sea air but also breathtaking views across the Baltic Sea. Golf courses along the Baltic coast are located for example: along Balmer See on the island of Usedom (2x18 hole), in Karnitz on the island of Ruegen (18 hole), near the seaside resort of Warnemuende (27 hole), in Wittenbeck (9/18 hole), close to the seaside resorts of Kuehlungsborn and Heiligendamm, in Hohen Wieschendorf (18 hole), along the Bay of Wismar opposite the island of Poel, in the seaside resort of Travemuende (3x9 hole), in the seaside resort of Timmendorfer Strand (27 hole), in the seaside resort of Groemitz (18 hole), on the island of Fehmarn (18 hole), along the eastern banks of the Firth of Kiel (18 hole), in proximity to Eckernfoerde (18 hole) and near Gluecksburg (18 hole).

Golf along the Baltic coast


About 1,000 km of cycle paths run along the Baltic Sea from Flensburg near the Danish border in the west to Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom in the east. The fantastic network of cycle paths called the international Ostseekuesten-Radweg takes you through a splendid scenery, directly along dunes and dykes, through forests and promenades of seaside resorts, past numerous sights. On most of the paths you can enjoy magnificant views of the Baltic Sea.

Cycling with breathtaking views across the Baltic Sea

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